Do you know the difference between credit and credit?

Fine Bank credit without Credit Bureau: Desired credit only for the credit rating. What are the alternatives to lending with Credit Bureau? The delivery credit is very expensive.

Home finance

Home finance

The loan is a subform of the loan and the form of finance that is used for building a house or buying a house. In both cases, funds are made available, which are then repaid by the borrower or borrower. Although interest is always in the foreground of the loan, interest-free repayment is also possible with the loan.

The reason for using the loan in house building is the suitability for long-term engagement. With a loan, a large part of the money is passed on and returned over a long period of several decades.

In terms of fees, the tax office makes a clear distinction between loans and credits. If the period is less than five years, the burden for 0.8 percentage points of the loan and loan amount is still the same.

Two types of credit

Two types of credit

There are two different types of credit that are important for builders: after a saving phase, you receive the committed amount, which means that the credit – in contrast to the credit – only takes effect at the moment the actual transfer is made. With a government grant, for example, you receive money for the construction of your prefabricated building and pay it back without interest or at very low interest rates.

With a promotional loan, you take out a mortgage loan and the respective company pays part of the interest payments. In contrast to a loan contract, a loan can therefore also be granted free of charge. A loan is only effective when the amount has been paid out, but the credit relationship is binding immediately after the contract is concluded.

You are then immediately in permanent mutual debt with the lender. This means that the house bank assumes the obligation to transfer the amount of money over the contract period and you pay it back including interest. Generally, a term of less than one year is called a short-term loan and a term of one to four years is called a medium-term loan.

Loans with longer terms are classified as loans. To finance your prefabricated house, you take out a loan.

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